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Maldives. the most exclusive and private holiday destination, redefining Luxury

Maldives being an island based destination has become one of the best spots to travel in 2017. The country’s one island – one resort style appeals to tourists who want to spend a secluded time away from home. Maldives has 26 natural atolls which is home to 1200 island. (Note: atoll is a loan word derived from the Maldivian language). 200 of these islands are inhabited by locals.

  1. Endless Oceans – A Heaven for Divers and Surfers
PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi House Reef

Maldives has been ranked as one of the clearest waters in the world for scuba diving. There are over fifty dive sites in Lhaviyani Atoll alone. With over fifteen species of sharks this is home to abundant marine life. Manta Ray experiences are pretty common in these dive sites and if you are very lucky you might just get to meet a group of dolphins. Wide arrays of marine life swim across the ocean including sea turtles, corals and sharks. There are other locations to dive into like the famous “Noon Atoll” and “South Ari Atoll”. These are famous for whale shark sightings and stunning coral formations.

Maldives boasts some of the best surf spots in the world. Most of the resort islands has big swell waves for intermediate surfers. Long rides, lefthanders and speed seekers included, Maldives is abundant in variety. Honky’s Point is considered by many to be the best point in the Maldives. Some of the most famous points include Cokes located near Thulusdhoo island and Chickens in an uninhabited island.

  1. Big Game Fishing

big-gameBig game fishing is an excellent way to test your fishing skills. Holding onto your end of the line while waiting patiently for life 50 meters below. It is calm and adventure packed into one. Whether you are going for an early morning fishing trip or sunset tournament, it can always deliver excitement. Maldives has been a fishing country for as long as the people can remember. It has given birth to some very skilled fishermen throughout the years. Tag along some of these resort guides as you catch your personal best. Note: A fun alternative is reef fishing in one of the islands.


  1. Adventure at Sea
Jet Ski in Maldives Water Sports

It’s much exciting than you could have ever imagined. Almost all the resorts provide watersports and recreation to it’s guests. Some of the more adventurous ones are Flyboards, Kayaking and Jetblades. In some of the resorts you can even take a personal submarine scooter. You can move through the waters much like a dolphin with these things. But still, it’s pretty hard to fly over the water as the sun sets. When it comes to the sea, Maldives provides fun group activities for families and unique experiences for kids as well.



  1. Most Romantic and Secluded Islands

Maldives Islands Full Privacy SecludedMaldives has some of the most hidden and secluded places in the world. You can arrange a private dining in a private sandbank or have an uninhabited island all for yourself. Robinson Crusoe style travel from the resort to one of the sandbanks to have a romantic getaway is one of the best experiences you can have. Resorts usually have an excursion sandbank nearby for guest experiences.




  1. Cultural Experience

Maldives Cultural Experiences BoduberuEven though it’s culture is slowly dying out Maldives still has a very rich tradition. Roots of it running as far as Sultans in the 1200s. It’s traditional music entitled Boduberu is a famous tourist experience that will get your vibrations into a trance. Though it is not enough to induce a cultural shock Maldivian lifestyle still has it’s unique attributes. The Maldivian cuisine involves a lot of the tuna products as our bloodline comes from a long line of fishermen. Many of the local islands still have ruins of ancient architecture. Some of the most important finds dating back to the days of Buddhism in Maldives.





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