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Surf in Maldives


Surfing is an art that has been practiced for many generations. Some may call it a sport but for surfers, it’s generally a passion or a way of life. If you’re a surfer and what you desire most is the opportunity to ride the best waves, don’t fret because we have got the perfect destination for you. With clear blue seas and warm weather, Maldives boasts some of the best surf breaks in the world.

Here is everything you need to know about surfing in Maldives!


“Sometimes You Just Have to Ride the Waves You Are Given”  

Surf in maldives

The Maldives surf seasons runs through February to November. However, the best time to go surfing would be from March to November. The size of the swells gradually improves as the months go by. In January/February the swells rise to an average of 2ft. Then it rises to 4ft in March/April and finally, to 7ft for the advanced surfers. The waves are not extremely powerful here in the Maldives which makes it perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers.

The Perfect Wave!

Surf in Maldives

The wind is what generates the waves. Here in the Maldives, the winds are mainly offshore and these are perfect for surfers as they allow the waves to break more slowly and cleanly. Moreover, the water temperature is usually warm at an average of 27°c. You won’t find the need to wear a wetsuit and the comfortable temperature would allow you to relax as well. You will be able to experience a good swell from February to May with favorable weather conditions. The biggest swells appear from June to August although there is a chance of tropical storms.

The Ocean is a Poem without Words

Lets look at some of the best surf breaks in the Maldives

  • Chickens: Chickens is a long left-handed wave located at Villingilimathi huraa (kuda villigili) near Thulusdhoo Island which creates huge swells which can rise higher than 10ft. This wave provides you with the opportunity for tube riding as well since it creates sensational barrels. This surfing point is not that crowded and the waves are fairly consistent which makes it the perfect surfing spot. However, it would be best if this wave is left for the more advanced surfers.
  • Cokes: It’s an advanced level tubular right handed wave with swells that rise to an average of 4-8ft. Located near Thulusdhoo Island, It’s the most consistent wave in the Maldives and although the waves may not be as long as chickens or jailbreaks, it creates wide barrels which every surfer dreams of surfing. It’s not that crowded there either which makes it even better for surfing.
  • Sultans: With the opportunity to take on the never-ending waves and carve right through its walls, Sultans surely is a wave that’s fit for royalty. With swells that can rise to 10ft, Sultans could be one of the best waves in the Maldives. This right-handed wave may be a bit crowded but we can definitely promise you the ride of a lifetime.

With 40 or so surf spots, Maldives is one of the premier surf destinations in this region. With the perfect swell sizes and weather conditions, the Maldives promises you an unforgettable surfing experience. Come along with your friends. Even those who don’t surf is guaranteed a fun time as surfing is not all that’s offered in the Maldives. They can go snorkeling or diving or simply lie on the white sandy beaches while you slash through the sensational waves.

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