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When you usually fall in love, it’s never just one thing. It’s a whole fusion of things that makes your heart go tick-tick. Skipping a few beats in the process. Maldives is one those places. And believe me, it starts from the moment your plane hit solid earth. Right from the moment that the wheels screech on the solid runway of the isolated island airport. You guessed it, the airport is one island. It might even seem like you are crash landing into the water from up above except for the lack of screams and silent prayers.

This article is about love, falling in love and leaving your heart behind. Yes it’s a love story with less definition on human aspect and more of that on aesthetic landscape. It’s almost impossible for someone not to fall in love with the beauty of this country. And those various elements that makes your heart palpitate and soothe your soul at the same time? Let’s dig into just that.

Overnight on a deserted island
Beach Dining Maldives
Imagine yourself lying down on the seashore of an island that is absolutely and completely yours for the night. A sky full of stars and the smell of fresh ocean breeze, slowly engulfing you whole. The therapeutic sound of the waves meeting the white sand talking to you in that wordless language. Better yet. Spend the whole night holding your loved one in the silent world that you momentarily own. This is as real as Robinson Crusoe will ever get. Have a little sunset picnic of your own, bask yourself in the sun. Just about anything that you want. After all, you own the island for the day.


Seaplane Photo Shoot

Maldives Aerial View

If you haven’t seen Maldives on eagle view, go and look it up and come back. You wouldn’t waste your time. In fact it might add a few precious years to life. That’s exactly what you get on a seaplane photo shoot. Small teardrops of green laid across the endless blue sea. Each pristine little island surrounded by a reef resonating all the shades of turquoise you could think of. It’s an experience that you would share with your grandchildren gathered five feet from a slow burning fireplace.



Traditional Boduberu Show

Boduberu Maldives traditional music

Maldives have been long known for its festivals and cultural diversity. Although it’s slowly dying down we still have a few more years to share with the world what we could bring to the table. Happy feet swinging back and forth rarely touching the ground. Swirling and whirling around to the beat of the drums. Graceful and elegant yet, spirited and powerful. Participating in a traditional Maldivian cultural festival is far from bland. Usually along the beautiful lines of ancient Mayan festivals with a little hint of the Chinese ambience. Two sided drums resonating catchy beats that plays with your heartstring. People tend to very easily get lost inside the reverie. The origins dating back to thousands of years ago, this little chestnut was derived from African, Sri Lankan and Arab influences. The vibrations are strong on this one and it might get you in a beautifully constructed trance for the rest of the evening.

Underwater Dinner

Underwater dining in Maldives

Picture having dinner just as a ginormous Manta Ray swims/flies by. Abundant marine life surrounding you while you enjoy a delicious A’la Carte meal designed just for you. You see the whole reef glowing up as the ecosystem works its charm on you. Not convinced, yet? If you’re staying in Hilton’s Conrad Rangali island, Anantara Kihavah, PER AQUUM Niyama or Hurawalhi maldives you can arrange with the friendly staff to turn in there. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s always been a dream for me to fall asleep beneath the surface. It even gives a whole new perception to the grand Sicilian message, “sleeping with the fishes”.


The Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars in maldives

Been saving this one for the last. The final elevation into utter Nirvana. You might have heard of bioluminescent plankton by now. These glowing little algae is a very famous phenomenon occurring throughout the Maldives. It’s most accustomed to make an appearance in one special island. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. It’s an island resort where these little guys like to hang around in. And it gets better as it always does. These phytoplankton respond to movement and friction. Which in layman’s terms mean that if you spread your hand across the sand, it glimmers the whole region with luminescence.

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