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Maldives. the most exclusive and private holiday destination, redefining Luxury

Maldives is a perfect haven to lay low. To disappear from the rest of civilization. Off the grid, where there is a lower need for technology than an Amish neighborhood. The sun, sand and sea trifecta demands nothing less.

Maldives is where you will learn the simplicity of a flower in bloom. The beauty that lies in the silent kisses of the ocean waves upon the shoreline. It is truly one of the best countries to have access to the slow mind of Nirvana. Waking up to the ocean breeze and a subtle ray of the golden sun caressing your skin. Dream with me for a second. Imagine lying in bed while your breakfast is being served to you in the distance. You try to take in the sound of the waves. Harmonize your breathing with the tenuous and indistinct calling of the birds afar.

Why not give into the nature withdrawals for a moment? Disconnect from the virtual reality to synchronize with the beauty of nature.



Nature does not really get any better than Maldives. The dolphins chase the sun as you chase that natural “high” of life. As the great Thoreau once said “Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” That could very well be the meaning to life and the key to transcend. A simplified life of slow walks on the beach with that significant other. Letting the Maldivian sand embrace your feet. For the exhilaration lovers and the downers, it’s the best of both worlds.

Maldives can be as relaxed as you want it to be and as vigorous as you demand it to be. Enjoying a sunset cruise just the blood red sun is setting across the horizon. Having a slow spa day finding serenity in the most ancient of ways. Sipping on a cocktail as you read your favorite book with the expansive horizon unfolding the whole Indian Ocean in front of you. Now that’s an “at least once in a lifetime pilgrimage for the soul” worth taking.

As Maldives is made up of 98% water, you HAVE to get your skin wet when you are here. You wouldn’t know how good it is until you tried sneaking a peek on the other side. Reminiscent of the most artistic expression of a boastful nature, you see a whole new dimension of things that you would never see on land. The effect it has on your body even more astounding. The calm washing over you as you first embrace the ocean. It holds you in its net of wonder for an eternity in a moment, as if to say “you’re finally home”.



Imagine having a perfect day in a secluded sandbank. Alone with your thoughts as you get disconnected from the far shores of problematique life. Birds in flight and life surrounds you in as you connect with everything around you. It’s therapeutic. Meditative even. The start of a very blissful journey to self-realization.

In all this euphoric experiences you might want to pull out your phone to take a picture. Solidify a memory that would last a lifetime. “Where’s that phone now… Oh yeah you’re detoxing from technology. Better settle for a mental picture that would last a lifetime.”

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