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I have always been an explorer when I travel. I am always the one to wake up 4 am on the dot, go for a run to immerse myself completely in the location I am in, go to the best café around for my morning cup and breakfast and start the exploration of the day.

         What I found to be really hard in the Maldives at first was getting around. There is no standardized transportation medium set in place whether it be land, sea or air. Everything is almost privately organized in the sector that it is ridiculously expensive and even then there are complications to just going from one island to the next. They implemented a half completed ferry system some odd 6 years ago, but it’s heavily unreliable.

         If you have gone around a decent chunk of the planet you would see how mixed the Maldivian culture is. Part Sinhalese, part Indian and I could even see parts of the African culture in the traditional festivities they have. It is a very awe inspiring sight to see. The local delicacies are the same. Tastes of India, Sri Lanka, Thai, Vietnamese and of course the overriding western globalization.

         For a country this beautiful it is almost mind boggling how environmentally unfriendly they are. You can see plastic bags lined up over the coastline, aluminum and trash all over the roads of the capital city. It was a very saddening sight at first and something this beautiful should not be taken for granted.

         For a small country they are pretty well educated and there is a good populace that have extraordinary skills in a given element. Painters, artists, poets, musicians… there’s some good talent here. I remember going to the tribute show of a very well respected musician and it was one of the best trances I have been. Some believe that to be the true sound of the Maldives. What defines them. Here’s a link to one of his amazing work. Hint: Let it autoplay you into bliss

         And I saved the best for last. When you do come here, all of those aerial pictures that you have seen from the airplane windows with the little droplets of islands lining up in a perfectly blue ocean, well you begin to see how all of them never did justice to the beauty that is the Maldives. It’s an amazing view to see. Trust me.

         Bonus Point : You land in an airport made in a separate island that makes up for the airport. Almost seems like you are crash landing into the ocean because you see blue on either side of you, but you aren’t. In any element, how you think it would be, it is always, always better than you think it would be in the Maldives.


Truth is, however culture rich and relaxing Maldives is going to be, it’s always going to overplay your hand. Every time. It’s always going to be better than you thought it might have been. Meditative for the soul and great for the mind.

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