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Maldives is a country that is 99% liquid with small pristine islands scattered across this vast tank of water. Reasons that most people come to the Maldives are three fold. The beautiful beaches that are hard to come by anywhere but here. The ocean that grants an eternal sense of tranquility and perpetual translucent peace. The final reason is the golden arrays of the tropical sun that brightens up a grey day and a blue heart.

The Maldives is an experience that most people only get to dream from afar. But some get to experience the sun on their faces, the wind in their hair and the sound of the ocean waves slowly kissing the shoreline. The soft acoustics of the palm leaves rustling ever so elegantly. But would this dream ever be perfect without an overwater suite? That’s the concept we are going to delve into today.

Why pay for an overwater suite when you can have the full experience staying at a beach suite? Well, the short answer is you don’t get the full experience. At least not to the full extent that Maldives wishes to offer. The experience between land and overwater is completely different. It’s almost like a quantified version of tranquility. You get the full experience right down to the very core of its full definition when you stay at a water bungalow.

Waking up to the silent flow of the water beneath you. The salty breeze on your skin. It’s therapeutic in nature. I have always advocated the simple fact that Maldives is the best way to detoxify from anything. But staying at a water suite; takes all your strife away. You get to be in your little corner of the planet. Where you get to ink your dream and no one has a take on anything. No longer a chimera, it’s your story. And you write it with your own feathered tip.

If you want seclusion, it’s your oasis in the desert. In all water suites you get the factor of privacy but some of them take it a notch further. They give you unmitigated privacy which means you don’t see any indication of life beyond your own. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch. But you get to have an experience that you will not forget for as long as you live. In perfect serenity.

A water suite fuses all of the elements that one desires when visiting Maldives. The sea is an incredible component that is unlike any other you would have seen. The waters in the Maldives is unique due to a lot of geographical as well as event cycle occurrences. It is amazingly clear and the reflection of light makes it mesmerizing. Now imagine all of this right in front of you for the full length of your stay in the Maldives.

If you are on your way to striking Maldives off the bucket list, please spend some time pondering over the possibilities. After all, when you are spending a significant amount of cash on a vacation in the sun might as well do it right, eh?

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