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The Maldives has been long known for its authentic role in nature and the magnified sense of tropical vibrations it brings with it. Many consider it a momentary escape from reality – a spiritual journey to discover some of the truths within. Others consider it an adrenaline kick and a way to seek adventures in the sun. Welcome to the Maldives Natural Biosphere where you get the best of both these worlds.

The Biosphere Reserve at Baa Atoll in the Maldives harbors some of the most globally significant marine life within its numerous reefs. It holds witness to the long living history of human encounter with nature below the surface. There has always been a sense of curiosity in humans to delve into the unknown. That is the fundamental to the concept of the biosphere.

The formation of the reefs in the Maldives that are unique to its name and the development of these volcanic debris is a testament to just how much there is to explore. Baa Atoll is different and distinctive even in the ranks of something as beautiful as the Maldives. It harbors some of the most majestic marine forms of life we have come to know and love. The formation of corals all in its serenity is a sight to soothe the veins.



Manta Rays Sightings

These majestic creatures are just an amazing sight to witness. The hummingbirds of the ocean. They have a regular crossing channel through the Biosphere. Tens of thousands of people from all over the planet come to the Maldives to get a glimpse of this beauty and it never leaves you disappointed. Slowly whizzing through the ocean like an ever-changing Mantra for the beauty of life. If you have the luck gene in your DNA, you might even get to see a cleaning station. This is where the Mantas come in and let the smaller forms of life clean itself of parasites. The ecological cycle of life. As I said, the truths of life lie deep beneath the unknown.



Whale Sharks Sightings

Whale Sharks are a regular sight to enjoy in the Maldives and it is the most frequent in Baa Atoll. The best place to swim with the whale sharks. They are just as curious as human beings and are easily attracted to things that peak their interest. The sight of these sublime creatures below the reflections of the water is a truly remarkable one to experience. It’s not only a treat for the tourists experiencing it for the first time but it never fails to amaze the locals.



Dhigufaru Bird Experience

Dhigufaru is a resort located at the edge of Baa Atoll. An island with a concept revolving around a White-tailed Tropic bird. These birds are very habitual and travels in flocks. It’s an amazing experience to see the flash of white across a picturesque blue sky. The resort has special breeding points throughout the island that specializes to offer these birds a ground to heighten it’s presence throughout the area. The island has a very pristine beach with the aesthetics of a sandbank where these birds gather together in.


The Baa Atoll is truly an adventure that you would would remember to the day of the wicker chair near the fireplace. Chasing the sun and cutting through the ocean foam. Running around the shoreline and lying on the streamline of ocean waves.

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