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Since time immemorial Maldivians have been fisher folk and the fishing industry remains to this day as the country’s primary industry. Local youth still make time for fishing trips during the holidays to recuperate from the clamor of modern life. Visitors curious about this particular culture can easily sate their curiosity with a hands on fishing experience. All resorts offer fishing excursions complete with everything you’d need, and budget travelers and backpackers can easily arrange fishing trips through the many guesthouses scattered throughout the archipelago.

Vacation packages in Maldives promises the ultimate experience in serenity, and the same rings true for many of the country’s activities; instead of adrenaline pumping excitement, fishing offers a pleasant trickle of endorphins through your body thanks to utter peace and contentment – not to mention the satisfying surge of triumph upon a successful catch. Casting your line into the navy blue tresses of the waves, all you have to do is lay back and relax.


Let the scenery soak in and titillate the senses, like a good work of art that plays lovingly with the emotions with its aesthetics. Incidentally, blue is a color that has been proven to endow physiological and psychological effects of relaxation – laying back on the deck of a fishing vessel, you’d be surrounding by nothing but the hues of blue, all subtly merging together undisturbed except for the dreamy cumulus clouds above shot through with the golden rays of the setting sun. Fishing trips are planned at night as well, especially under the glorious silver orb of a full moon, when marine activity reaches its peak and fish can be caught in the dozens.

Patience is key. The line must be held loosely in your fingers, and you must keep note of the tugging sensations; fish peck at the bait and dart away, returning for more tentative pecks until one that is particularly daring and greedy swallows the bait whole. This causes a rigid vibration to travel up the suddenly taut line, alerting first your fingers, then your brain. It is time to leap up and start reeling in the line. Make sure you have gloves on to protect yourself from the friction of the fishing line, and brace yourself against the surprising strength of even a modestly sized reef fish!

In Egypt you take a picture with camels, in the African Sahara with perhaps a zebra; and along the same rule, in Maldives, you certainly must take a picture of yourself beaming at the camera holding a line from which dangles a shocked looking fish with scintillating scales, fresh from the ocean. In game fishing the catch is sometimes freed back into the ocean. But if you wish, your catch can immediately be transformed into an appetizing dish on the vessel or even back at the beach over a bonfire. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to whip up a first class delicacy with a fish you caught with your own hands, palatably seasoned, in under half an hour.

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